Steadyrack Bike Racks Are Ideal for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Want safe, secure, and easy-to-use bike racks installed at your school? Now you can with our Steadyrack bike parking. Our Steadyrack commercial wall mounted bike racks are ideal for schools as they make efficient use of any space, allowing students of all ages to easily load and unload their bikes. Featuring an award-winning design, our racks pivot up to 160 degrees, fold towards the wall and protect bikes from damaging other bikes or surrounding cars and vehicles.

Wanting to Install Our Steadyrack Bike Racks for A School, University or College?

We’ve installed Steadyrack bike racks in schools, universities, and colleges around the world. For more information on our commercial bike rack installations, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our Steadyrack team today!

Need inspiration? See our commercial gallery here or browse our range of Steadyrack bike racks for schools below.