Bike Storage in Your Shed

Save space with Steadyrack’s bike racks for the shed

The humble shed, whether it’s made of wood, metal, or plastic – they’re a feature of many gardens and a saviour for those looking for a little extra storage in the backyard. Unlike its larger sibling, the garage, the shed doesn’t have the luxury of high ceilings and extensive floor space. Limited space, a jumble of tools and a collection of odds and ends can soon have the shed door straining to contain its contents. Think you can’t possibly fit your bike into your shed as well? Think again!

Steadyrack’s space saving, shed-ready bike racks make bike storage in your shed a breeze. Have more than one bike to store in your shed? No worries! Steadyrack’s unique pivoting action means you can easily move your bikes from side to side across the shed wall, preserving essential shed space and making access easy.

Where other bike rack solutions may have you fumbling with a hook, a Steadyrack bike rack for your shed can be easily mounted to the wall. Have a golf bag at the back of the shed? A Steadyrack means you can pivot your bike out of the way in time to make your tee. Need a specific screw driver? Sheds are small enough already; you don’t want to have to duck and weave your way under a bike every time you need to grab your toolkit!

Have you ever tried to lift a bike above your head in a shed? With a Steadyrack shed bike rack, there’s no need - all our bike racks for shed storage are efficient, space saving, require no lifting at all and are a completely accessible solution for even the tightest of sheds.

Steadyrack’s Bike Racks for the Shed

With five premium designs, Steadyrack provides the ultimate space saving bike rack solution in your shed, keeping everything organized and tidy. Check out our bicycle rack options for the shed below.

Be Inspired with Our Bike Racks for Storage Solutions in the Shed

The Bike Shed Company

The Bike Shed Company uses Steadyrack’s to get the most out of their outdoor bike sheds. Having a designated spot for your bikes to go means there’s more space for everything else! Hanging your bikes vertically frees up valuable floor space by utilizing the wall space instead.

As long as your shed wall is structurally sound, you can mount a Steadyrack. Not sure if your shed wall can hold a bike? Just add some support beams like our customer has done to the left – too easy! Look at all those bikes.

Need More Shed Bike Rack Inspiration?

MTB rider Tom Cardy built his dream bike shed with the help of Steadyrack – check it out here for some storage inspiration!

Not Sure Which Steadyrack You Need for Your Bike Storage in the Shed?

With many different bicycle racks for sale, it’s hard to know where to start. Are you looking for a universal bike rack or perhaps the exact bike rack for your type of bike?

Life is messy but that doesn’t mean your shed has to be. Declutter your shed, and level up your bike storage with a Steadyrack today!