Bike Hanger for the Wall - Bike Hanging System

Steadyrack’s pivoting vertical bike hangers have revolutionised bike wall mounting by allowing riders around the world to effortlessly secure their bikes virtually on any wall and in almost any space.

Available in five designs (Classic RackMountain Bike RackFender RackFat Rack or eBike Rack), our wall-mounted bicycle racks are safe to use, easy to install and don’t require any heavy lifting.

More importantly, our unique 160-degree pivot feature allows you to swivel your bike on the rack for efficient storage and accessibility in tight spaces. Making them perfect for hanging bikes in apartments, garages and more.

Whether you’re looking for a single bike rack to safely hang your road bike in your apartment, multiple bike racks for shed or garage bike storage or more racks than you can count on two hands for commercial bike racks, at Steadyrack we’ve got a bike hanging system just for you!

Bike Hanger for the Wall of Your Garage, Apartment or House

If you’re looking for a bike hanging system suitable for the wall or your garage, apartment our house, then our Steadyrack bike hangers are the answer. In a world where space is becoming valuable and more limited, particularly in built-up cities with a higher population density, it can be difficult to find or create extra floor space.

Our vertical bike hangers allow for more space where space is limited. Simply install them on a wall in your home, apartment, or garage, and because of their incredible features – such as the unique 160-degree pivot functionality, you’ll be able to create space, whilst safely hanging and protecting your bike.

Features & Benefits of Steadyrack’s Bicycle Hangers

Pivot up to 160 degrees.

Typical wall hanging bicycle racks are static; once the bike is in the rack it can’t move. First and foremost, Steadyrack was created to save space. We designed our swivel bike hanger racks to pivot 160 degrees, which means you can push your bike as close to the wall as your handlebars and peddles allow. This functionality allows our Steadyrack’s to be installed side-by-side to become amultiple bike hanger, perfect forcommercial use. As the pivot feature allows you to install the bike hangers next to each other allowing you to fit more bikes into the same space whilst maintaining easy access and ensuring the safety of yourself and the surrounding bikes

No lifting required.

Lifting any type of bike off the floor and onto a hanger is a difficult and cumbersome task. To store your bike in a Steadyrack hanger, simply lock the brakes and walk backwards whilst holding onto the handlebars and engaging the brakes to lever the front wheel of the bike upwards. The weight of the bike will be borne by the back wheel, and you can easily roll your bike into the bike hanger. This unique method of storing your bike means that no exertion or effort is required to lift your bike off the ground!

Mount your bike from any angle.

Even with the bike hanger rack fully pivoted to the side, you can still safely load and unload your bike. If your bicycle was stored in the garage next to a car, that means you don’t have to move your car each time you want to use your bike. A typical static wall hanging bicycle rack wouldn’t allow you to do this as it wouldn’t be able to move around to accommodate the other things you need to store around your bike.

Protects your bike.

When you purchase an expensive bike, you want to prioritise storage that will protect your investment from damage. Where most bike hangers hold the bike up by the rim, putting pressure on the spokes and potentially scratching the frame, Steadyrack cradles the front tire, so no part of the bike even meets the rack. By cradling the front tire, no unnecessary pressure is placed on the wheel or rim, where pressure shouldn’t be placed. Steadyrack was designed by cyclists who understand the mechanics of bicycles and know the safest way to store them. Your bike is an investment after all, so look after it with a Steadyrack!

Quality materials, built to last.

Steadyrack was designed to outlast your bike. The reinforced steel arms, and high-grade, quality plastic, means that Steadyrack will not rust or deteriorate over time, no matter how many bikes roll in and out of the rack. Do away with constantly having to update and purchase new bike hangers due to damage. Steadyrack is a one-time purchase (unless, of course, you buy more bikes, which we always encourage!).

Universal Fit

Our Steadyrack range can accommodate almost every bike. With information on how to choose the best hanging rack for your bike, you’re sure to find a Steadyrack that will fit perfectly. If you’re uncertain or you’ll be swapping the type of bike that is stored in a Steadyrack, choose our Fat Rack or Mountain Bike Hanger, as the wider arms will accommodate both small and large bikes, without compromising the space-saving and safety features.

Bike hangers for the wall – Which hanger is right for my bike?

Our wall-mounted bicycle hangers are safe to use, easy to install, and don’t require any heavy lifting. More importantly, our unique 160-degree pivot feature allows for efficient storage and accessibility in tight spaces.

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