The Steadyrack Story

Steadyrack was born from CEO and Founder David Steadman’s universal frustration of not being able to park his car in his garage due to various family members bikes being left on the ground, on his side of the garage. Sound familiar?

Like many other families, the rest of the family weren’t able to lift their bikes up and juggle them onto the hooks on the walls.

David repeatedly asked himself “Surely there has to be a way to get bikes hanging on a wall without having to try juggle the bike onto some kind of hook”. Within two weeks of sharing his frustration with his Father-in-law Ron at a family BBQ, a very crude handmade rack turned up.

"Surely there has to be a way to get bikes hanging on a wall without having to try juggle the bike onto some kind of hook”.

There was no pivot, a metal flat mount and no rear tire rest but the prototype was the beginning of David and Ron’s five year journey of multiple home-made iterations, that resulted in the now patented Steadyrack and the rest as they say is history.

In 2009, Steadyrack officially produced and sold its first racks. Local bike enthusiast, Nick Sima, was our first ever customer who installed the first of now 100’s of thousands of private and public Steadyrack installations.


Steadyrack’s unique patented design utilizes the mechanical advantage of the wheel turning, combined with an innovative pivoting feature, to create a bike rack that takes up the least amount of storage space and is the easiest to use.

Steadyrack has grown to be recognized universally as the premium storage solution for bikes globally. Testament to the quality and performance of our racks can be found in the fact that Steadyracks are installed in a wide variety of locations and situations around the world. These include the offices and facilities of some of the world’s most famous brands like Facebook, Giant Bikes, Apple, Scott Bikes, SRAM, Google, Specialized, ENVE and many more.

Our racks can also be found in countless cafes, museums, hospitals, public parking locations and even on board some super yachts. We are particularly proud of the fact that they are universally acclaimed by tens of thousands of very satisfied customers as the best (and easiest) way to park their bikes.

Our focus on providing the best quality product and experience for our customers has meant that in all these years we have rarely had a rack returned for a warranty claim, nor for our products not living up to our customers’ expectations of performance and quality.

Steadyrack remains a family owned and run business, and has grown into a global entity with headquarters in our home town of Perth, Western Australia. Now with dedicated support offices in the United States and Europe and a network of distributors, agents and retailers around the world. Steadyrack continues to be favoured by architects and facility managers as the number one commercial and End of Trip bike parking solution around the globe.

As our company continues to grow and expand, we are investing heavily in innovative new products for private use, public transportation, commercial buildings, transporting of bikes and public parking. Our aim is to provide a total storage and parking solution for all bikes.

Steadyrack will continue to show the world how to love your bike.