Did He Make It? Cyclist Takes On Australia's Longest Straight Road

Last week, we shared a blog post documenting days 1 - 4 of Jack Thompson's 2,800km ride across the Nullarbor in Australia. Now at day 9, Jack has already completed one of the most challenging stages of the voyage and is on the home straight towards Adelaide in South Australia.

Jack's Progress So Far: Days 5 - 9

After 9 days of intense cycling, Jack has now crossed the Nullarbor! He is well and truly on his way to Adelaide in time for the Santos Tour Down Under, and should arrive on the 15th of January, 2018. Although this adventure has so far been a success for Jack and his team, it hasn't been without it's challenges. They've not only battled high temperatures, unforgiving head winds and conquered the iconic 90-mile straight (Australia's longest straight road), but Jack himself experienced a very personal encounter with the tarmac...
Just minutes after taking this shot , we decided to grab a shot below the South Australia sign. I put two hands in the air and then failed to unclip, hitting the deck laughing... No damage to the bike or rider, just a bruised ego!

Follow Jack's Journey...

If you'd like to follow Jack's journey across the Nullarbor, simply click this link for live tracking updates. We'll report back soon and let you know whether he finally reaches Adelaide and completes his 2,800km Australian outback adventure.