How a Steadyrack can improve your bike's life and performance

Store your bike (with suspension forks) upside down?

Here's something I’ll bet you didn’t know - the best way to store your mountain bike or any bike with front suspension forks is actually upside down. Most suspension forks contain fluid, which is kept inside the forks chamber by seals. According to our good buddies at Fox the best way to store your bike while you’re not using it is actually upside down! This will allow the fluid inside the fork to gravitate to the top of the chamber and moisten the seals which keeps them from drying out and leaking. But who wants to have to tip their bike upside down on the floor every time you finish a ride? Storing your bike upside down is definitely not the most user friendly or space saving way to manage your bike storage.

How Steadyrack helps...

Steadyrack to the rescue. Hanging your bike in a Steadyrack is the easiest and best way to look after your bike and make sure your front forks seals are kept supple and lubricated, prevent leaks and last longer. Your bikes forks will be angled down towards the floor which means the fluid gravitates to the top of the chamber where the seals are and does its job. Storing your bike this way using Steadyrack can also alert you to any problems you may have with your seals. If there is a lot of fluid leaking from your suspension forks, it is time to get to a bike repairer and have your seals checked as it is likely they have been damaged or dried out which means dirt can get in. A small amount is generally ok – refer to your bikes manual for more details. For more information refer to Fox’s owners manual details in this link.