Ceiling Bike Rack vs Vertical Bike Rack

Ceiling Storage Racks & Hangers Aren’t as Safe - Choose A Steadyrack Instead

Have you ever watched someone try to shove a ‘too-big-for-the-overhead-compartment’ suitcase into the overhead compartment on a busy plane? It’s awkward and heavy and everyone is just waiting for it to be over, right? That’s what it looks like when someone tries to hang a heavy bike on a ceiling bike rack. Sure, it’s a storage option, but is it worth the blood, sweat and tears it takes? We don’t think so. That’s why we created Steadyrack – the easiest bike storage available.

Picture this - you’ve been out on a glorious, long, hard ride. You come home and all you want to do is jump in the shower, but you still have to wrestle with your bike to get it stored away in your ceiling storage rack. With a Steadyrack, there’s no heavy lifting involved – just roll it into the vertical rack and you’re done!

Overhead bike storage is exactly that; over your head. It’s not convenient, or easy to use, or even safe! Why risk a concussion for your bike storage? Streadyrack’s unique 160 degree pivot feature means you can easily store multiple bikes, right on your wall without compromising on safety. Unlike with a bicycle ceiling hanger, with a Steadyrack there’s no risk of the bike hitting you on the head, crashing onto the roof of your car or falling to the floor from frame damaging heights. Hanging your bike from the ceiling requires pulleys, levers, and space – using a vertical bike rack like Steadyrack requires only you and a wall.

Ceiling hooks, overhead racks, roof mounted ceiling bike hangers – whatever you want use, they all have one thing in common – they’re not a Steadyrack. We’ve designed Steadyrack to be the ultimate bike storage solution, anything else doesn’t cut it. See for yourself!

Our Steadyrack Bike Racks Are Better, Safer and Easier Than Ceiling Mount Bike Racks in Every Way

With five quality designs, Steadyrack’s award-winning bike rack design provides the ultimate space saving bike rack solution in your apartment or condo, making the room feel less cluttered and tidy. Check out our bike wall mount options for small condos or apartments below.


Yes – all five of our racks pivot up to 160 degrees, to the left and right, making it easy to access your bike when you go for a ride.

With a Steadyrack, there is no need to lift or juggle your bikes. Just balance your bike on the back wheel, push it in and allow the rack to do the lifting. An easy motion suitable for people of all ages and strengths.

Steadyrack’s revolutionary design allows you to store your bike upright, off the floor and saves more of your valuable floor space. When the bike rack is empty, the arms simply fold away.

Yes, you can lock your bikes into our racks with a D-Lock or Chain lock. This is sufficient to prevent opportunist theft and adequate if your bikes are stored in a private carpark. If your bikes are in a location fully accessible to the public, we recommend installing our Lock Bracket or a steel rail to the wall underneath the rack to attach a locking device to. As with everything, take caution when storing your bike in a public place, as professional thieves can generally get around any locking system.

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