Bike Storage Racks

Interior architects, cafe owners, facility manager and business owners looking for the best bike storage solution in the market, look no further. With Steadyrack, the world’s first pivoting bike rack, you can park more bikes in less space.

Steadyrack allows user to park and store their bikes safely and securely, with no lifting involved. Simply pull the bike on to it’s back tyre and roll the bike into the Steadyrack arm, while the back tyre rests against the rear mount. They’re easy to install and built to last.

For public installations that will endure ongoing loading and unloading, we offer a stainless steel version of our Classic Rack. For outdoor use, there’s a brand new Outdoor Rack, created specifically to withstand the elements, it won’t rust and it’s vandal resistant. The new and robust Outdoor Rack is made from high quality Marine Grade 316 Steel, with little or no maintenance required, while catering for a wide variety of commonly used bikes (hybrid, road, mountain and e-bikes).  Contact us for more information.

Steadyrack bike storage racks are the ideal commercial solution for optimising space and parking multiple bikes close together.

Which rack is right for my bike?

Our wall-mounted bicycle racks are safe to use, easy to install, and don’t require any heavy lifting. More importantly, our unique 180-degree pivot feature allows for efficient storage and accessibility in tight spaces.

Add some colour to your rack.
End Caps
Colour code your Steadyrack installation with our range of coloured mounting bracket caps.
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