Bicycle Racks

Steadyrack, the world’s first pivoting bicycle rack, is the most trusted name globally when it comes to vertical wall mounted bicycle racks for homes, sheds, garages, cafes, museums, End-of-Trip Facilities (EoT) and commercial bicycle parking.

Each of the four Steadyracks in the product range, Classic RackMountain Bike RackFat Rack and Fender Rack have been been designed to allow cyclists the unique ability to easily store their bikes on almost any wall, in practically any space.

Steadyrack’s patented and unique 180-degree pivot feature, displayed here, allows for efficient bike storage and ease of access in tight spaces. Additionally, the bike racks are super safe to use, easy to install and do not require any heavy lifting, ever.

Whether you’re looking for a single bicycle rack to safely store your road bike in your apartment, multiple racks for shed or garage bike storage or more racks than you can count on two hands for commercial bike parking, at Steadyrack we’ve got a bike rack just for you! Order online and enjoy free shipping* to selected countries and regions.

*Free shipping available for these 13 countries.

Which rack is right for my bike?

Our wall-mounted bicycle racks are safe to use, easy to install, and don’t require any heavy lifting. More importantly, our unique 180-degree pivot feature allows for efficient storage and accessibility in tight spaces.

Add some colour to your rack.
End Caps
Colour code your Steadyrack installation with our range of coloured mounting bracket caps.
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