When The Property Brothers met Steadyrack

Home make over shows are a dime a dozen these days and there are very few names and programs that stand out. One that does is The Property Brothers. Identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott have been building their brand on the small screen since 2011 with their Canadian based reality show, The Property Brothers, airing in over 150 countries world-wide. Drew is a real estate expert who scouts neglected houses and negotiates their purchases and Jonathan is a licensed contractor who then renovates the houses. Helping families to find, buy and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes on a strict timeline and budget is a simple premise that works, thanks to the magic of the two HGTV fan faves.Photo Credit: The Property Brothers With such popularity, they were afforded the opportunity for two new HGTV programs: Brother v Brother and Property Brothers: Forever Home, which debuted in 2019. Jump to episode five of season two titled “Hammer, Hammer, Pedal, Pedal”. One of the rooms that the brothers were tasked with upgrading was the family’s bike room, as the family is “really into cycling”. The twins got to work “ensuring that the bike room got the Olympic-sized up grade they were looking for.” Photo Credit: The Property Brothers Once again, The Property Brothers did not disappoint. They upgraded the bike room from five static bike hooks, that required lifting each of the bikes at least 12” off the ground, to eight Steadyracks, that not only provide more space with their unique and patented pivot feature, but the Steadyracks require no lifting. Of course the rest of the house was stunning, but for us, it was more exciting to see presented on the show, what we see all of the time from our customers who store their bikes inside their homes. We're just super excited that The Property Brothers valued Steadyrack enough include it in their clients "Forever Home".