The Benefits of E-bikes

It goes without saying that cycling is better for the environment than driving – but what about electric cycles? According to a recent e-bike forecast, electric bikes are becoming extremely popular throughout the UK, with 2019 being the biggest year in history for e-bike sales yet. This in turn, is helping to combat heavy air pollution in cities across the country. Many of the UK’s cities are failing to obtain acceptable air quality figures, so, trading your vehicle for an e-bike is a great decision for commuters who want to reduce exhaust emissions and to aid better air quality. 1. E-bikes are energy efficient Although electric bikes consume energy, the amount is miniscule in comparison to a car or motorbike commute, making them an eco-friendly switch. According to RooDog, electric and non-electric bicycles are equal with regards to their impact to the environment, but they are 13 times more energy efficient than a normal family car. E-bikes reduce carbon emissions The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) studied how cycling can significantly reduce carbon emissions. Bikes and e-bikes make up 6% of miles travelled in cities across the world. If this number increases to 14% by 2050, there would be an 11% reduction in carbon emissions – greatly reducing air pollution. 2. E-bikes benefit health and wellbeing As well as reducing carbon emissions, e-bikes are a great way to benefit your individual health. Commuting to and from work using an e-bike instead of driving or using public transport will massively increase the number of calories burned during the day. Cycling is known for building core muscles and providing intense, short burst workouts. Don’t be put off if you have a lengthy commute - the motor in an electric bike will take the strain off your legs so you can get to your destination without feeling sweaty or tired. 3. E-bikes are easy to maintain Keeping a car or motorbike can be financially stressful, taking insurance and MOT’s into account. As electric bikes do not come under the category of ‘motor vehicles’ they do not require either of these. It is important to regularly check your e-bike’s motor, battery and lights but you can forget the hefty insurance fees you face when keeping a car or motorbike. 4. E-bikes emit zero noise pollution Electric bikes do not emit sound when you ride them, unlike cars and motorbikes, meaning little to no sound pollution. The fewer cars there are on city and country roads, the easier it is to take in the lovely surroundings. Best of all, e-bikes up to 35kgs are compatible with all of our Steadyracks. The future is bright for e-bikes, the market is continually growing and it’s not hard to see why.