Steadyracks and Superyachts

Over the last 10 years, our Steadyracks have been installed in a wide variety of impressive, interesting and fun locations all over the world. We have racks at a police station in New York, a parking garage in Columbia, residential and commercial spaces in Singapore, museums and coffee shops in Australia, cafes in France and at tech companies like Apple, Google and Facebook in Europe just to name a few. Now we can add another notch to that belt by announcing that Steadyracks have been installed on the MV Bold, a Superyacht. The MV Bold was built by Silver Yachts here in Steadyrack’s home town of Perth, Australia. SilverYachts, a builder of high performance, customised and efficient aluminium vessels, recently launched their 85-metre masterpiece, Bold. She reaches a top speed of 24 knots and can accommodate as many as 16 guests, while being catered to by a crew of 21. Bold was designed around a spectacular sky lounge, which features 3.7m high floor-to-ceiling windows and is 300 square meters, presenting phenomenal and breath-taking sea views. Follow them on Instagram for more of these amazing pics. Bold’s captain, Todd Leach, informed us that they “ had some serious seas on the passage over to Europe and the bikes were safe all the way, not even any wearing or scratches.” and re-iterated to us that their six Classic Racks installed “have been great”, further proving that Steadyracks can be installed on virtually any wall. It’s amazing for us to now include a Superyacht amongst our already extensive list of unique installs, it just leaves us asking one burning question …. “where to next? “ Maybe a quick chat to Elon Musk about Steadyrack and SpaceX.