Steadyrack Now Available in the Qantas Store

Are you a frequent flyer? If you are, we have good news coming your way. We've teamed up with Qantas, which means you can now purchase our space saving bicycle racks through their product Store. Pay entirely with 'Frequent Flyer Points' or partially with 'Points Plus Pay'.

What is the Qantas Store?

The Qantas Store is an online shopping destination for Qantas Frequent Flyer members where shoppers can use their points to pay partly or entirely for products.

Which bicycle rack do I need?

If you're wondering which Steadyrack bicycle rack you need for your bike, see the chart below. You will need to measure your tyre width and diameter in order to find the best fit for your bike. Steadyrack vertical bicycle racks

Shop Steadyrack bike racks in the Qantas Store.


No Frequent Flyer Points? Browse our online store instead...

If you don't have Qantas Frequent Flyer Points to spend, browse the Steadyrack online store instead.