Office Bike Parking Is The Way Of The Future

Ever heard the saying 'the future is now'? Well, it is and it looks like countless businesses across the globe are getting on board the bike parking bandwagon and installing Steadyrack bicycle racks in their offices and buildings. But what does this mean? Cyclists everywhere can rejoice if their workplace have already installed end-of-trip bike parking racks because this not only makes their commute a whole lot easier, but it also means they can have peace of mind knowing their bike is safely and securely stored in their building while they're at work. For business owners this is a move that's attracting all kinds of businesses. Depending on where you are in the world, bike parking can be a requirement for an office fit-out, which means it's your responsibility to ensure this is provided. But if you haven't installed vertical bike racks for your office, then it's never too late. To find out more about our commercial bike parking solutions, head over to this page.

Need some bike parking inspiration?

Here's a small collection of examples of what other businesses have done with their Steadyrack bike racks.