Customising your bike parking project is easy with Steadyrack

Steadyrack Bike PostsThe absence of designated bike parking can create issues that may discourage cyclists from future use. Damage to fixtures, area congestion, damaging their own bikes or those around them and undue aggravation are all potential problems. Without sufficient bike parking, you’ll find that cyclists will lock their bikes to the closest secure fixture (poles, signs, fences, hand rails, etc.). When researching and sourcing options for creating bike parking installations for commercial purposes (End-of-Trip facilities, public spaces, schools, office buildings, cafes, hospitals, museums, etc.), what is it that facility managers, business owners and architects are actually looking for? Safety and security are always inferred, so a unique and bespoke fit out that will provide enduring and positive impact for everyone who will makes use of the new bike parking. Bike racks that are easy to use and built to last, along with the ability to park more bikes in less space are all key selling points for decision makers. Enter Steadyrack. Addressing all of the above criteria, Steadyrack provides a bike parking solution like no other available on the market. Easy to install, no lifting required, safe and secure for locking up bikes, maximises space in the storage area, available in four different styles (to accommodate practically every type of bike, including e-bikes) and they’re built to last. Complimenting all of Steadyrack’s unique combination of features, is the ability to customise your bike parking installation. A simple, out of the box customisation option is to colour code your Steadyracks with one of five colour options from range of End Caps. If you’re looking for something even more exciting or vibrant, we can customise the colour of the rack itself to match and reflect your brand colours, the interior of your storage area or whatever best suits your individual project needs. LET'S GO OUTSIDE For installations that will endure ongoing wear and tear from heavy use, we offer a Stainless Steel version of our Classic rack that has been fortified with Marine Grade 316 Steel, full reinforced for public and outdoor use. These are a great option if your bike parking installation is exposed to the elements, as these racks won’t weather or rust from outdoor exposure. Steadyrack Bike TreeA fully outdoor installation can be customised by including our bike parking posts, that can also feature your preferred and customised colour, fitting four, six or eight bikes. Featured on these posts are the new Steadyrack Outdoor Rack. We’ve stripped back our original Classic Rack and manufactured this new robust rack out of Marine Grace 316 steel, specifically for outdoor use. The Outdoor Rack will not rust, is vandal resistant and built to withstand the elements with little or no maintenance required while catering for a wide variety of commonly used bikes. If you're looking for something more unique, part of our outdoor product range is our Bike Tree (pictured on the left). The leaves and post can be customised, while providing parking and shade, up to eight bikes using our new Outdoor Racks. If you have questions about customising your bike parking project, please contact us here.