BWA membership offers free Steadyracks

Bicycling Western Australia (BWA) recently ran a promotion to offer a FREE Steadyrack to every new membership signed before July 30th 2017. The uptake was good and new members are happily claiming their rack offer. If you are located in WA keep an eye out for their next membership offer. BWA offers a wealth of knowledge through their website and as part of their membership and aims to make bike riding easier, safer and more accessible for every Western Australian. Bicycling Western Australia membership for an individual. Benefits include:
  • insurance
  • Ride On magazine
  • member discounts
  • discounted entry into Cyclo Sportif Events
  • access to Blink, your online service hub
  • advice from experts and
  • supporting Bicycling Western Australia campaigns
"Bicycling Western Australia wants bike riding to be a part of everyday life and we are working to make it easier, safer and more accessible for all Western Australians." We believe that bike riding gives people the freedom to create a healthier future - a healthier body, a healthier mind, a healthier environment, a healthier transport system and a healthier Western Australia.

Are you part of a local cyclist group in your area? We would love to hear about it.