A Cyclist's Complete Guide To Bike Storage [2 Steps]

As a cyclist you would know that this hobby, sport and lifestyle involves a lot more than simply getting on your bike and pedalling away. You've got to have the gear, the know-how and the resilience to get on your bike everyday and ride to all corners of the globe (or your town). But what's often overlooked is bike storage and everything that comes with it. So we've put together this two-step guide - yes, it will only take you two-steps - to help you easily and more efficiently store the things you need to enjoy this sport even more than you do now.

STEP 1: get yourself a #nicerack

If you haven't already bought yourself a couple of our #niceracks then stop what you're doing, grab your credit card and head to this page. Chances are you own more than one bike and if you don't already have an easy, efficient and safe way to store these beauties then you could be spending more on repairs then actually riding.

STEP 2: Store your gear more efficiently and effectively

Despite what your wife or partner may say, the more time you spend on your bike, the better. So in order for you to stop wasting time searching for your lights, helmet or favourite jersey we thought we'd show you some examples of how our customers have stored their gear more efficiently. But how will this allow you to spend more time on the bike you might ask? Having your things stored in an organised fashion will save you time. It's as simple as that! EXAMPLE 1: Store your gear on small hooks While we do not condone the use of hooks for storing your bike (we don't want to ruin those rims) they can be a handy bike storage tool to help store your helmets and other cycling gear. EXAMPLE 2: Use shelves Shelving is a great way to store and organise your cycling gear. There are so many options out there for shelving, from bike cabinets to floating shelves or industrial style shelving - the possibilities are endless. Research and find an option that will work best for you and your space. EXAMPLE 3: If all else fails, use your bike This won't work for every piece of gear you have but for helmets we've seen a lot of our customers simply hang them off their handlebars. Quick, easy and requires no additional DIY.