Why is Steadyrack so unique?

Since it's inception in 2009, Steadyrack has been a disruptor in the world of bike parking and bike storage. The unique and patented design has shifted the way that we have historically approached and thought about vertical bike parking solutions. Until Steadyrack, we had been conditioned to lifting our bikes when storing them vertically. Thankfully that auto response has been challenged now that there's a bike parking solution that saves space, is safe to use, built to last (and outlast our bikes) and requires no lifting whatsoever. Made from high quality steel and UV treated plastic, every product in the range of Steadyrack bike racks are highly engineered and load tested. The Classic, MTB and Fat racks can accommodate bikes up to 35kg (77lbs), with the Fender Rack accommodating bikes up to 25kg (55lbs). This means that most bikes are suited to being stored in a Steadyrack, including E-Bikes. Steadyrack's unique combination of features are not available in any other single bike parking product on the market. The easy to load bike rack requires no lifting, features rotating arms that swivel almost 180 degrees and are built to last (and now offers a free extended five year warranty). A bike owner can easily place their bike into a Steadyrack, simply by rolling the bike in and out the supporting arm, using a pushing and pulling action. This simple method of loading and unloading ensures that Steadyrack are suited to bike riders of all capabilities, strengths and ages. Additionally, there are racks suited for bikes with fenders and mudguards as well as mountain bikes and bikes with fat tyres. Steadyrack's patented pivoting arms allows for the maximum flexibility for bike storage and parking locations, with more space saving than any other bike parking solution. This revolutionary design helps to reclaim invaluable floor space and can be mounted, as close together as 350mm, on virtually any wall. With this in mind, bikes that are stored in Steadyracks can be over lapped when not in use, thanks to the pivot feature. Not only are Steadyracks an extremely versatile solution for all of our bike parking requirements, they are so highly engineered and built to last, that it would be no surprise that your Steadyrack will out live and outlast your bike, making it great value for money. All of the above features, individually are not unique to Steadyrack, but being combined and available in one single bike parking solution is what makes Steadyrack unique.