Poland’s new solar powered bike path glows in the dark

We all agree that commuting by bike is the healthiest (mentally and physically) and environmentally friendly way to travel. Well now, it also exciting for your senses and guaranteed to make you smile. As many countries look for ways to enhance the time that cyclist spending travelling or encouraging newbies to get out on two wheels, Poland has recently unveiled a beauty of an incentive. Illuminated by the synthetic material phosphor, which is illuminated after being exposed to the sun, they’ve unveiled The Starry Night bike track. The self-sustaining bike lane, situated near Libzark Warminski, glows in the dark for those walking or riding after the sun goes down. With the intention of increasing safety for those using the path after dark, the blue bike path can hold its illumination for up to 10 hours, ensuring increased safety through the night until the sun arises and recharges the path all over again. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the path is sustainable, cost effective, inspiring and a unique tourist attraction for Poland.