Exercise and wash your laundry at the same time

So many of us struggle daily in our search for the ever-elusive work life balance. A big part of that struggle can be finding time to exercise, while working, being social and managing our regular household duties. Laundry, particularly in bigger households, can seem like an unsurmountable and ongoing chore. If you have smaller children, there is no end to the pile of dirty clothes, full hampers and sheets needing to be cleaned. So, what’s a busy person to do you ask? An innovative team of University students in China have invented the perfect solution: The Bike Washing Machine (BWM). This clever washing machine is human powered, promoting multitasking and water conservation all while boosting your fitness level in the most efficient way. The pedalling motion rotates the drum of the BWM while you ride it. This allows you to burn calories, while getting your washing done at the same time. But wait, there’s more. The stationary bike also creates electricity with a generator inside of it that can power the display screen or store any superfluous electricity for future use. Impressed yet? In a recent online poll, only 17% of voters sad that they’d purchase a BWM. And of the 17%, the majority of those willing to make the purchase would only pay up $250. Our big question is how does the water make its way in and out of the machine?